i9 informed water bottle offers simple and direct access to better structured (living) drinking water.



I’m an enthusiast who believes in infinite possibilities, a man of deep faith. My belief isn’t based on assumptions but on extensive research, scientific facts and personal experiences.

For the best part of the last 30 years I have pursued a search for the truth, spirituality and the meaning of life, combining science, religion and philosophy. My path took me through many countries and experiences. I learned that the answers to my questions can only be found within me.

On my travels I studied and sometimes also met many inspiring people. One of them was the inventor of the informed technology, Mr. Poznik. For about three years I studied the processes involved in informing products, followed the results and thought about the best ways to introduce this amazing technology to other people.

In 2011 my partners and I set ourselves a clear goal: “To offer people simple and direct access to better structured, living drinking water.”

Joseph Rain,
Co-founder of i9


We are motivated by a sincere wish to design, manufacture and distribute aesthetically pleasing products that are simple to use and improve the quality of life of all living beings. All i9 products are designed in collaboration with nature and with an emphasis on informed technology.


Our goal is to expand the network of successful i9 distributors through professional partners, who will benefit from distribution of products based on informed technology.

i9 bottle Benelux
Bilzersesteenweg 19D
3730 Hoeselt, Belgium

Water is the driving force of nature

Leonardo da Vinci

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